A little about me

Greetings and welcome! I am working hard to become the best real estate agent in the great state of Texas. To achieve this I am preparing to partner with clients to put together the best real estate deals that provide the most value, delivered with excellent service, and completed with the highest ethical standards.

Prior to entering real estate I had a successful thirteen year career in international foreign language education at universities in South Korea, China, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. Living in East Asia and the Middle East while working with students to develop important skills for their academic and professional success remains one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. To this day I enjoy many friendships among my former students around the world, and it deeply touches me to see how I have made a positive contribution to their lives. I retired from international teaching because of my desire to raise my children in the United States and pursue my passion in real estate sales and investing.

Real estate is something that runs in my family. I was fortunate to grow up with parents and extended family members in the business. Seeing them successfully help others achieve their real estate goals while building a rewarding and profitable business left a deep impression on me as a young man and decided to pursue it in the future. After experiencing life around the world and achieving success in teaching, I decided to take the plunge.

My unique life experiences allow me to bring many things to the table in service to my clients. Many years of successfully navigating the complexities of intercultural communication helps me to connect and actively listen to my client’s needs. My teaching background has given me the patience to guide my clients through the complicated real estate sales process with calmness, explain it in easy to understand language, and, perhaps most importantly, to approach clients with the desire to serve their needs and interests.

My goal is to build the most successful and sustainable real estate business in Texas. That means putting clients first and building good relationships based on trust and assurance that I always work to protect their real estate interests with the highest fiduciary responsibility. I want to be your real estate consultant for life and become my raving fan so that you will want refer my real estate services to family and friends. I know that can only become reality by serving you to the highest standard.

My business philosophy

  • Win-Win:  or no deal
  • Integrity:  do the right thing
  • Customers:  always come first
  • Commitment:  in all things
  • Communication:  seek first to understand
  • Creativity:  ideas before results
  • Teamwork:  together everyone achieves more
  • Trust:  starts with honesty
  • Success:  results through people